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About Us


The Gracious Research and Education Association (GREA) was incepted to research, develop and disseminate clinical knowledge while

  1. Maintaining its position on the global stage.
  2. Contributing evidence-based knowledge for the fight of acute and chronic diseases
  3. Remaining a professional research-led institution
  4. Pursuing global health awareness
  5. Working closely with its members, partners, government and civil society to transition knowledge to the benefit of humanity
  6. Developing educational programs that maintain a higher standard for professional practice
  7. Providing a diverse community of career professionals with the opportunity to transform themselves as scholar-practitioners so that they can effect positive social change.


Gracious University envisions a distinctively different 21st-century learning community where knowledge is judged worthy to the degree that it can be applied by its graduates to the immediate solutions of critical societal challenges, thereby advancing the greater global good.

The institution is committed to educational training and poverty alleviation through its high-quality teaching, research, enterprising and providing her candidates with skills that allow them to maximize their potential.

Gracious University Outcomes

Gracious University intend to produce graduates with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to:

  1. Discover and share new knowledge and new ways to lead through teaching, research, intellectual debate and use of technology as a vital tool for professionalization
  2. Engage and collaborate with each other, partners, professions, and communities, locally and internationally
  3. Facilitate positive social change where they work, in their communities, and in society.
  4. Use their knowledge to positively impact their profession, communities, and society.
  5. Demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning.
  6. Empower others to grow, contribute, challenge, and make a difference
  7. Maintain high standards and follow ethical principles
  8. Apply their learning to specific problems and challenges in their workplace and professional settings.
  9. Demonstrate information literacy.
  10. Sustain their local and global environment, organizational health, and create a positive and viable future
  11. Demonstrate an understanding of the methods of inquiry used in their professional or academic field.
  12. Practice legal and ethical integrity in their professional work.
  13. Promote economic and sociocultural development with their profession
  14. Effectively communicate their ideas and the rationale behind them to others.
  15. Support diversity and multiculturalism within their profession, communities, and society.

Who We Are!

Gracious University is proud to have a learning community that is as distinctive as it is diverse. Gracious University practices a policy of nondiscrimination in admission to, access to, and employment in its degree programs and activities. Gracious University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, age, religion or creed, marital status, disability, national or ethnic origin, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, or other legally protected status.

Our learning community is made up of students and faculty, alumni and friends, national experts and visiting scholars, and a growing list of academic, corporate, and government partners who share our commitment to transforming our world through higher education.

As a Certified Corporation®, we’ve committed to be a force for good. Our students, alumni, faculty, and staff are creating and contributing to real change and having an impact on a global scale.


We believe a good education is one that empowers every student to achieve their career, personal, and community goals. It also produces advocates, healers, and peacemakers, and sometimes even award-winners, best-selling authors, and innovative leaders.

Scholarly Change

A Curriculum Designed to Foster the Application of Knowledge to Positive Social Change. A core commitment that Gracious University makes as we develop and improve our curriculum is ensuring that our students can apply new skills, expand their networks, gain deeper knowledge, and consider a variety of perspectives in order to better address practical problems at an individual level as well as within their organizations, communities, and society at large.

Working collaboratively, college leadership, faculty members, and curricula developers continually evaluate Gracious University’s programs to assess the effectiveness of our curriculum in helping our students effect positive social change.


Gracious University faculty members are scholars, researchers, and distinguished leaders who are selected for their academic and industry credentials as well as for their teaching abilities. They have a broad range of experiential and cultural backgrounds and excel at integrating their expertise into the classroom.

Student Body

Our students are valued and appreciated for their everyday hard work and diligence. They bring into our classrooms a world of experiences.

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